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Ganesh, also known as Ganesha or Ganapati, is a highly revered deity in Hinduism. In Hindu mythology, he is regarded as the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. As the god of wisdom, knowledge, and prosperity, Ganesh is widely celebrated. Revered as the remover of obstacles, he is worshipped before embarking on new ventures or endeavors. Lord Shree Ganesh holds immense significance in Hindu culture and spirituality. Ganesha is a word compounded from the Sanskrit word “Gana meaning “the hosts,” “multitudes” or “troops” of demigods, especially the retinue of Lord Siva under the rule of Ganesha, and “Ishameaning “ruler,” “lord” or “sovereign.” This is virtually synonymous with the name Ganapati, “Master of the hosts.” As Ganapati, Lord Ganesha is the leader of the Ganas, ruling over the celestial hosts, over the benign as well as the malevolent inner-plane beings. Read More…

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